The date

Here’s my attempt at doing something fun (this week’s challenge gave me absolutely nothing to work with).

Imagine you’re a single guy who’s lucky enough to have a girlfriend. You’ve been dating and want to ask her out later tonight. It’s probably movie night, and you’re nice enough to buy her dinner afterwards. And for some reason you choose to send her an email. What do I write, you ask? Well there’s definitely more than one way.

Going old school

You think of buttering her up with some of your charm. There can never be enough of it (so you think!)

My Beloved Lorraine,

There isn’t a time I’ve not been thinking of you. Even though I saw you earlier today, I seem to miss you already. I wish I could hold you and never let you go.

I can’t wait to see you. I’d like to be with you tonight, hoping you could accompany me to the Box to enjoy a warm meal over a great classic. There’s a show on at eight, and I’d love to spend every moment of my time with you.

I miss you so much. Can’t wait to see you.

Love always,


After all the gagging, she’d probably think you’re sweet and get ready for the “classic” and “warm meal” you’ve promised her. And you’ve manage to warm her up a little bit as well. Just by asking nicely. Maybe too nicely.


Maybe writing is not your strong point. You believe in delivering a message in as few characters as possible.

Din + Muv @ Box. C U @ 8. ❤ Z

At first glance it looks a puzzle out of the Sunday newspaper. If she’s a master at solving cryptic clues, she’ll be waiting at the Box for you at eight. You guys are made for each other and probably get married.

Or she’ll be at home, eating dinner out of a box, watching “Love Story” wondering where the hell you’re at. And you’d be confused; sitting alone at that zombie movie next to a bunch of guys, finger deep in a tub of popcorn wondering why she stood you up.

Short and Sweet

You keep it short, while still being nice. Get the best of both worlds.

Hey Lorraine,

Let’s meet at 8. Movie + Dinner at the Box. Can’t wait.

– Zeke

It sure does the job. She’s probably getting ready to watch a bunch of aliens beat the crap out of cyborgs, followed by a quick slurp of cola and a hot dog. No nonsense.

Me? I’d rather just pick up a phone and talk to her, ask her out, enjoy the sound of her voice while she speaks. I love her enough to not subject her to reading a bunch of words to convey something that I could in a heartbeat.

How would you ask?

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Inspired by this week’s writing challenge.

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