Diaries from Suburbia (Author’s note)

Author’s note

I’m too young to write a memoir. But I have an awesome story to tell.

You see, almost nine months back, I left my home back in the warm climes of Western India and moved thousands of miles away to the United States, and as a result experiencing the joys of leading a single, independent life. My experiences in this foreign country, as time has gone by, have been a myriad blend of emotions; an assorted mix of enjoyable, amusing, frightening, confusing, stupefying, and a bunch of other emotions that put together, to be honest, are quite compelling.

Diaries from Suburbia is a humble attempt to put in perspective my observations and opinions gathered on this grand and exciting journey. I plan to write this as a set of disjoint, serial stories rather than one, cohesive piece of work. In each part of this story, I unfold a…

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