The Edge of Mortality – now accepting pre orders!


I’m very excited to announce that my next book, The Edge of Mortality, is now accepting pre orders on Inkshares. Inkshares is a crowd funding platform that allows me to pitch my book to hundreds of potential readers, who may pledge support for a particular project if they like what they see. Read more about their model here.

Dear readers, I’m asking for your support in any way you can. The book is half way done and your support will (quite literally) decide if this book lives or dies. A quick like or share on social media would go a long way in getting the word out, and if you’d like to go the extra mile, I’d be extremely grateful for that precious pre order. You can read and follow the story so far and pre order on the project site. The site will be refreshed…

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Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 3)

Mr. Independent

Dear diary,


I spend ten minutes in quiet contemplation. Call it a moment of silence in preparation for an act of utmost creativity.

You see, I’ve lugged my half-naked carcass out of bed at seven in the morning and without even taking a second to rub my eyes, I’ve had to go relieve myself. Today I fly a solo mission dropping doo-doo bombs over enemy waters, and I hope to do it silently without creating too much of a mess.

Since I’ve won this round to my satisfaction, it’s now time to think about what I do next. Do I get breakfast? Do I make coffee? Do I bite an apple and hope it gets me through the rest of my morning? What are the rules of this thing? Are there even rules?

I take a second for it to sink in. There are no rules.


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Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 2)

What it takes to make a home

Dear Diary,

I sit here in a vacant chair at a strange airport, feeling the weight of dirt and grime of three continents on my skin and hair. Home never felt more far away this moment, as the air felt warm and balmy as it washed my face. I cannot feel my legs, but I can feel very much the weight of my lifeless body, in wait of a warm bed.

As I wait for my friends to arrive, my sleep deprived mind starts to roll footage from a few months ago. In the midst of a dreamy haze, I see myself sitting on my unmade bed under the toasty affection of my azure colored comforter. Wearing only a figure hugging t-shirt too comfortable to throw away and tattered shorts that gave any modicum of modesty a run for its money, I watched…

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Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 1)

Leaving on a jet plane

Dear Diary,

Constancy has a sadistic way of changing, constantly.

Life changing things happen to all sorts of people, all the time. Things that made me not want to get out of bed, things that kept me from going to bed in the first place.

Don’t think for a minute that I use the words ‘life changing’ loosely. You don’t expect to pack your bags and move thousands of miles away without making some hard and demanding decisions. Moving so far away from home, away from your well settled life. You can’t just close out a bunch of close relationships quickly and cleanly. Leaving behind the false hope of meeting again soon, only to linger on for moments in a tight embrace, spouting long goodbyes that last a few seconds. Goodbyes that somehow gave this move a fleeting sense of permanency.

On a stormy night…

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Diaries from Suburbia (Author’s note)

Author’s note

I’m too young to write a memoir. But I have an awesome story to tell.

You see, almost nine months back, I left my home back in the warm climes of Western India and moved thousands of miles away to the United States, and as a result experiencing the joys of leading a single, independent life. My experiences in this foreign country, as time has gone by, have been a myriad blend of emotions; an assorted mix of enjoyable, amusing, frightening, confusing, stupefying, and a bunch of other emotions that put together, to be honest, are quite compelling.

Diaries from Suburbia is a humble attempt to put in perspective my observations and opinions gathered on this grand and exciting journey. I plan to write this as a set of disjoint, serial stories rather than one, cohesive piece of work. In each part of this story, I unfold a…

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Open your eyes

Inspiration is everywhere. A coffee cup. A winter ravaged tree. The apple seed you just threw away. Dog poop. A smashed car. The point is, anything and everything in the world around us is inspiring. *feels small*

Inspiring enough to write a story.

The biggest complaint some writers have is that they have nothing to write. On a day where there is no inspiration, the feet feel heavy, the eyes drowsy, seat uncomfortable. Clothes seem ill-fitting, your focus dwindles and instead finds shiny things *OOH SHINY!* on Facebook and Twitter and anything and everything that usually fades in the background when you’re ready and buckled in and churning page after page of awe-inspiring awesomeness. On those days you’d rather wish you could simply go back to sleep and hope a new day has a different effect.

Nothing different is ever going to happen.

They’re just things you tell yourself to…

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Writing that perfect beginning

I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is no spoon. *dodges bullets*

For folks who did not get the obscure Matrix reference, don’t fret. For those who did, *high five*.

As human beings, all of us have stories to tell. Stories are born when our inherent creativity meets a general happening that we observe, experience or simply choose to believe in. And everyone likes a good story. *bangs desk to make a point*

As writers, we have the important job of being able to tell a good story. If you’ve been doing this a while, you would know that a good story is one that triggers a certain note with your reader; it could be a particular emotion, or a shared experience, or simply a bit of humor that makes them laugh at the end of a very tough and frustrating day.

It helps if you start…

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The snowman

I A slight chill graces the air As the leaves of fall mingle and fly away Riding the mischievous wind. Showers of white slowly appear And the air is now wispy, cloudy As the sleet covers The previously grassy lawn In a blanket of sparkling frost. A little child, bedecked in wool And armed with… Continue reading The snowman


New beginnings

Clear blue skies, Opened eyes Hands in hands, Wedding bands Crowded spots, Quiet thoughts Open air, Stand and stare Splash of wine, Joy divine Spoken word, Emotion spurred Years end, Ears lent Humankind, A lot more kind. Time for new beginnings. © 2014 Mihir Kamat A very happy and prosperous 2015 to one and all!… Continue reading New beginnings