At First Sight

A brilliant collection of twelve short stories that is sure to melt your heart with every word.

Join the author as he takes you on a journey into the magical world of love, where even a moment seems precious than a lifetime. At First Sight is a collection of short stories that touch upon delicate relationships in a special way, where each story explores the minds of its characters and how they go about their lives with love playing its part. Bear witness as a man declares his love for his woman. Feel close to a father’s heart as he cares for his newborn child. Or live the life of a grandfather for whom the happiness of his granddaughter means more than the world. Live each story as if it were your own.

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“I had a great time reading this 74 page book with 12 short stories. […] Couldn’t get enough of this book. Truly well written and expressed. Great work.”

Madhuri Varma, Author of 1 Love, 2 Religions: A Romantic Dilemma. See full review here.

“This book is beautifully written and it reached out into the depths of my soul. The love illustrated is the finest kind. The book has heart touching stories, especially “In Her Eyes” and “Final Words”. The beauty of these stories is wrapped tenderly in its simplicity. Kudos! Looking forward to reading more from you.”

Shweta Bhardwaj, reader.

“Excellent … I’ve read this book twice since I couldn’t put it down! This is such a well written book and with excellent imagination to make such beautiful stories. I would recommend this to be your next read.”

Tanmay Chand, reader.