The life we knew we could never live

The life we knew we could never live Is somewhere out there in the wait Asking for another chance It's time to go, walk through the gate There are hobbies waiting to be picked Or asses asking to be kicked A million jaws just to be dropped And bullets out there to be stopped The… Continue reading The life we knew we could never live


One for the holidays

It's that time of year again To shop and cook seems such a pain Yet this is simply not what it's all about There are also laughs and cheers Bottled ales and sweet, cold beers Little ones who love to scream and shout A nice little getaway Children gathered round to play Night time skating… Continue reading One for the holidays


A moment of bliss

This is me, way back in 2006. Not much to say about the photo, the expression brilliantly captured by one of my friends when the moment was right. What evoked this happiness; this moment of joy you ask? Three simple words. ICE CREAM TRUCK. Pure, unadulterated bliss. © 2013 Mihir Kamat Inspired by this week's… Continue reading A moment of bliss