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The Edge of Mortality – now accepting pre orders!

Greetings! I'm very excited to announce that my next book, The Edge of Mortality, is now accepting pre orders on Inkshares. Inkshares is a crowd funding platform that allows me to pitch my book to hundreds of potential readers, who may pledge support for a particular project if they like what they see. Read more… Continue reading The Edge of Mortality – now accepting pre orders!

Diaries from Suburbia

Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 1)

Leaving on a jet plane Dear Diary, Constancy has a sadistic way of changing, constantly. Life changing things happen to all sorts of people, all the time. Things that made me not want to get out of bed, things that kept me from going to bed in the first place. Don't think for a minute… Continue reading Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 1)

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Clean Slate: A work in progress

I was digging through some of my old pieces and came across an idea that I'd shelved for a while. I spent some time today cleaning up the old piece and wrote up a sample chapter based on the idea I had, a book loosely titled 'Clean Slate'. I'm sharing it here, would appreciate feedback.… Continue reading Clean Slate: A work in progress