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The Edge of Mortality – now accepting pre orders!


I’m very excited to announce that my next book, The Edge of Mortality, is now accepting pre orders on Inkshares. Inkshares is a crowd funding platform that allows me to pitch my book to hundreds of potential readers, who may pledge support for a particular project if they like what they see. Read more about their model here.

Dear readers, I’m asking for your support in any way you can. The book is half way done and your support will (quite literally) decide if this book lives or dies. A quick like or share on social media would go a long way in getting the word out, and if you’d like to go the extra mile, I’d be extremely grateful for that precious pre order. You can read and follow the story so far and pre order on the project site. The site will be refreshed regularly with additional chapters and project updates. Pledges will also have access to the manuscript in advance and be able to participate in the book’s success story!

I am proud of our journey so far and hope your support will bring this book to fruition. Your feedback is always welcome.

Happy reading!

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