Diaries from Suburbia

Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 3)

Mr. Independent Dear diary,   I spend ten minutes in quiet contemplation. Call it a moment of silence in preparation for an act of utmost creativity. You see, I’ve lugged my half-naked carcass out of bed at seven in the morning and without even taking a second to rub my eyes, I've had to go… Continue reading Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 3)

Diaries from Suburbia

Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 2)

What it takes to make a home Dear Diary, I sit here in a vacant chair at a strange airport, feeling the weight of dirt and grime of three continents on my skin and hair. Home never felt more far away this moment, as the air felt warm and balmy as it washed my face.… Continue reading Diaries from Suburbia (Chapter 2)


The life we knew we could never live

The life we knew we could never live Is somewhere out there in the wait Asking for another chance It's time to go, walk through the gate There are hobbies waiting to be picked Or asses asking to be kicked A million jaws just to be dropped And bullets out there to be stopped The… Continue reading The life we knew we could never live


The snowman

I A slight chill graces the air As the leaves of fall mingle and fly away Riding the mischievous wind. Showers of white slowly appear And the air is now wispy, cloudy As the sleet covers The previously grassy lawn In a blanket of sparkling frost. A little child, bedecked in wool And armed with… Continue reading The snowman


New beginnings

Clear blue skies, Opened eyes Hands in hands, Wedding bands Crowded spots, Quiet thoughts Open air, Stand and stare Splash of wine, Joy divine Spoken word, Emotion spurred Years end, Ears lent Humankind, A lot more kind. Time for new beginnings. © 2014 Mihir Kamat A very happy and prosperous 2015 to one and all!… Continue reading New beginnings


One for the holidays

It's that time of year again To shop and cook seems such a pain Yet this is simply not what it's all about There are also laughs and cheers Bottled ales and sweet, cold beers Little ones who love to scream and shout A nice little getaway Children gathered round to play Night time skating… Continue reading One for the holidays