Dental blues

I had my tooth pulled out today. Not any ordinary tooth, but a wisdom tooth. I can’t decide what hurts more, getting a tooth removed or getting kicked in the family jewels. While I linger around my bed and sometimes squirm in pain, here are a few lines that summarize my situation.

There are some things bigger
Than life itself
Never thought dental hygiene
Was one of them?

I gorged on candy
And chocolates galore
Never thinking for once
What was in store

One night, oh, just one night
Twelve moons before today
I lay squirming and shifting
Teeth filled with decay

And the pain, it shot
Through the back of my head
I sincerely wished,
Nay hoped I was dead

I made a call, to
The defender of my whites;
The restorer of sanity,
Protector of bites.

The doctor took me in
Under her wing
She showed me pictures
Of dark, nasty things

She brought me face to face
With the sins of my past
And said she could save them all,
But one, the very last

One out of eight,
Not bad I said,
Famous last words
As I sit in my bed

Soup with a spoon
Is the most I can eat
Maybe binge on ice cream
And soft, mushy sweets

But never again,
I cross my heart
I’ll care for my teeth
More than I’ll enjoy that tart.

© 2015 Mihir Kamat

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