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The Edge of Mortality – now accepting pre orders!

Greetings! I'm very excited to announce that my next book, The Edge of Mortality, is now accepting pre orders on Inkshares. Inkshares is a crowd funding platform that allows me to pitch my book to hundreds of potential readers, who may pledge support for a particular project if they like what they see. Read more… Continue reading The Edge of Mortality – now accepting pre orders!


Writing that perfect beginning

I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is no spoon. *dodges bullets* For folks who did not get the obscure Matrix reference, don’t fret. For those who did, *high five*. As human beings, all of us have stories to tell. Stories are born when our inherent creativity meets a general happening that we… Continue reading Writing that perfect beginning

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Clean Slate: A work in progress

I was digging through some of my old pieces and came across an idea that I'd shelved for a while. I spent some time today cleaning up the old piece and wrote up a sample chapter based on the idea I had, a book loosely titled 'Clean Slate'. I'm sharing it here, would appreciate feedback.… Continue reading Clean Slate: A work in progress