Open your eyes

Inspiration is everywhere. A coffee cup. A winter ravaged tree. The apple seed you just threw away. Dog poop. A smashed car. The point is, anything and everything in the world around us is inspiring. *feels small*

Inspiring enough to write a story.

The biggest complaint some writers have is that they have nothing to write. On a day where there is no inspiration, the feet feel heavy, the eyes drowsy, seat uncomfortable. Clothes seem ill-fitting, your focus dwindles and instead finds shiny things *OOH SHINY!* on Facebook and Twitter and anything and everything that usually fades in the background when you’re ready and buckled in and churning page after page of awe-inspiring awesomeness. On those days you’d rather wish you could simply go back to sleep and hope a new day has a different effect.

Nothing different is ever going to happen.

They’re just things you tell yourself to make you feel better. To be inspired, all you need to do is – you guessed it – OPEN YOUR EYES. Go for a walk. Take a shower. Watch a thought-provoking movie or documentary on TV. Avoid the cute pandas and kittens and puppies rolling around in snow or in someones arms or in their own filth. Stare at a painting and let it speak to you. Open the shades and let some sunlight come in. Put in some hours in the gym. But whatever you decide to do, open your eyes and let your surroundings inspire you.

And write. Just write without thinking. There are some great timed challenges on the web that allow you to write without thinking for about ten minutes, and then process and expand on what you barfed in those ten minutes. You could find some nugget of gold in the mucky pit of vomit, or it could all be trash. But you have a beginning, or a thought pattern, or an obstacle to your way of thinking. All great article starters.

Remember, writing is all in the mind. No writing is good or bad. It depends on what impression is created on your reader. Creating the impression is more important than simply worrying about being judged.

This piece began as a ten minute challenge I accepted. I’m not proud of it, and it’s very raw, but it’s what I was thinking in those ten minutes I felt I had nothing to write.

Now I have cretins to kill in my sleep. *reloads the shotgun*

*fires away*

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