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The Edge of Mortality – now accepting pre orders!

Greetings! I'm very excited to announce that my next book, The Edge of Mortality, is now accepting pre orders on Inkshares. Inkshares is a crowd funding platform that allows me to pitch my book to hundreds of potential readers, who may pledge support for a particular project if they like what they see. Read more… Continue reading The Edge of Mortality – now accepting pre orders!

Diaries from Suburbia

Diaries from Suburbia (Author’s note)

Author's note I'm too young to write a memoir. But I have an awesome story to tell. You see, almost nine months back, I left my home back in the warm climes of Western India and moved thousands of miles away to the United States, and as a result experiencing the joys of leading a… Continue reading Diaries from Suburbia (Author’s note)


Writing that perfect beginning

I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is no spoon. *dodges bullets* For folks who did not get the obscure Matrix reference, don’t fret. For those who did, *high five*. As human beings, all of us have stories to tell. Stories are born when our inherent creativity meets a general happening that we… Continue reading Writing that perfect beginning

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Holiday discount: Kindle editions of “At First Sight” at $0.99 or less!

I'm offering a holiday discount for the Kindle version up until the end of the year, making At First Sight available for $0.99 (that is the minimum price Amazon requires me to set, else I would have made it available for free). Amazon works in mysterious ways; the price is fluid based on demand, so… Continue reading Holiday discount: Kindle editions of “At First Sight” at $0.99 or less!


Know your author – Interview with Smashwords

Here are a few excerpts from my recently concluded interview with Smashwords. Read the full interview here. What is your writing process? I don't follow a rigid writing process, especially since I prefer to write on an ad hoc basis whenever inspiration strikes. I start with a main character, and add characters as and when… Continue reading Know your author – Interview with Smashwords


At First Sight – 4-star review!

At First Sight has received a 4-star review from a fellow author! Madhuri Varma, published author of 1 Love, 2 Religions: A Romantic Dilemma, has so graciously published her review of At First Sight. She has been extremely kind to take the time and provide an in-depth critique of the book, which she also shared… Continue reading At First Sight – 4-star review!


One month down, still going strong!

It feels like just yesterday that I was scrambling around putting the finishing touches on "At First Sight", my maiden book project, in time for it's big worldwide launch on February 1, 2014. It has been slightly more than a month since that day, and I'm really proud of the way it has fared internationally… Continue reading One month down, still going strong!