Diaries from Suburbia

Diaries from Suburbia (Author’s note)

Author’s note

I’m too young to write a memoir. But I have an awesome story to tell.

You see, almost nine months back, I left my home back in the warm climes of Western India and moved thousands of miles away to the United States, and as a result experiencing the joys of leading a single, independent life. My experiences in this foreign country, as time has gone by, have been a myriad blend of emotions; an assorted mix of enjoyable, amusing, frightening, confusing, stupefying, and a bunch of other emotions that put together, to be honest, are quite compelling.

Diaries from Suburbia is a humble attempt to put in perspective my observations and opinions gathered on this grand and exciting journey. I plan to write this as a set of disjoint, serial stories rather than one, cohesive piece of work. In each part of this story, I unfold a different aspect of my new life, and share anecdotes and incidents to back up my opinions, in the form of a conversation with myself, similar to an inner monologue. I expect this sum of experiences to be funny, heartwarming, yet allowing myself sometimes to dive into incessant and naïve rambling.

All in all, dear readers, expect a lot of fun. I leave you with some food for thought as you wait for the first installment.

Nights are as bright as day, the days are as dark as night

Surfaces don’t reveal what is hiding in plain sight

What’s hot doesn’t burn, what’s cold doesn’t frost

Nothing is what it seems in the land of the lost.

© 2015 Mihir Kamat

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