Getting ready for doomsday?

We’re nearing the end, that’s what those ancient people said
If they were to be believed, we’d shortly be dead
So many years ago they predicted our fate
And apparently prophesied humankind’s expiry date.

It’s difficult to imagine, what sort of global catastrophe
Would be so severe, to mark the end of all humanity?
Are we going to drown, or burn up like hell?
Or is something going to plague us and make our bodies swell?

Would the earth explode, with one big boom?
Or would it quake and quiver to lead us to our doom?
Would we collide with some massive space thing?
Predict that, and then you’re on to something!

Till then, no one can decide when we are going to go
Heck, the Mayan’s aren’t around to say, “I told you so!”
Calm down, breathe, maybe have a drink or two,
Spend time with your loved ones, live life as you’d normally do.

Just because someone said we have only twelve days
Doesn’t mean you too have to follow the craze
Don’t be stupid and live your life in a hurry
Life is too short and precious to worry

And if they are right, and that day is truly our last
I’d enjoy it and go out with a blast!
Until then, we all just wait and see
If dead people are right about humankind’s destiny.

© 2012 Mihir Kamat

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