A journey called life

Hello, fellow traveler
On this journey called life
You seem to be living on the edge
Of a sharp, cold knife.

You always seem to have a plan
And in such a desperate hurry
You want more done in lesser time
But then you sit and worry

You have no time for yourself
Or for your family or friends
Your watch drives your every action
Hell, your day starts but never ends!

All you think about is profit
Or awards you must receive
But you ignore those little things in life
That you worked so hard to achieve

It’s all about the little joys
That makes living worthwhile
It’s those little things you care for
A hug, a kiss, a smile!

You can’t go on living like this
The madness has to stop
Because one day your health will go
And your energy will drop

And all that will be left
Is an empty shell, surrendered?
Someone who did a lot in life
But never got remembered

No one will see who came first
At the end, it’s all the same
Life is a journey, and not a sport
Or a trophy you can claim

Live life one moment at a time
No need to keep accounts
Because life is not a start and end
It’s the journey that counts.

© 2012 Mihir Kamat

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