An ode to drinking!

A jolly old man’s song sung to a young man whom he meets at a bar and who wants to know the old man’s story…

I was just a kid like you
Maybe twenty, twenty-two
A charming boy with handsomely good looks

And she was a fair, young maiden
Sent directly down from heaven
And one look at her was all that it took

She was pretty, she was lovely
And her teeth were white and pearly
And I loved her like there wasn’t any other

But all good things come to an end
She got married to my friend
And within the next two years became a mother!

So instead of crying in the rain
Felt just right to ease the pain
With the help of some good old country liquor

Since then it’s been some thirty years
And some gin and lots of beer
And some whiskey on some ice just makes it slicker!

You can drink when you are blue
Or when you are happy too!
And you can drink when you’re bit under the weather

When you’re too hot or too cold
Or you’re too young or too old
Brandy will make you feel as light as a feather!

When you’re feeling just too bad
Or you’re happy and are glad
Go ahead and meet up with all of your friends

There is nothing like some beer
To spread the joy and cheer
Put them together and the fun will never end!

There is vodka, there is wine
And there is rum that’s just divine!
Or if you fancy a shot of tequila

You’ll be living the fancy dream
With a taste of Irish cream
Or white wine that is flavored with vanilla…

Well, now you must be thinking
That if I keep on drinking
My next drink could as well be my last

But I’m going to go someday
Then just might as well today
But for sure I’m going to go out with a blast!

Oh this is just an old man’s song
That you’re free sing along
I’d say liquor could be man’s best friend

You may be all alone
When all your friends are gone
It’s faithful to you right till the end!

Right till the end…

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

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