Letting go

I’ve been holding on for so long
To what I felt was true love
It was only a mirage I was chasing
But never could get a hold of

My mind kept saying over and over
You were never mine to claim
Be cautious, watch out, you’ll hurt yourself
Love’s just a cruel game

But the heart wants what it wants, my dear
It seldom does think twice
It falls for everything that seems
So pretty and amazingly nice

I thought you were different, my heart believed
That you were the one for me
Your hand just felt right in mine
As if it were meant to be

That smile you smiled, were drops of heaven
That blessed my simple life
The dreams I dreamed, where you became
My beautiful, charming wife

And the time I spent with you, my love
Were moments spent in bliss!
I’d imagine the sweet taste of honey
In each and every kiss

But it takes two hands to make a clap
It was so plain to see
I was stupid, my love was blind
You never belonged to me

I now look back, smile and wonder
Why I’d held on so long
Or why I’d lived with the pain
When I wasn’t very strong

The answer’s plain, for all to see
It’s not the holding on I rue
For me the hardest part, was and is
Letting go of you.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

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