My morning cup

Waking up every morning
The sight of you comforts me
I could smell you from a distance
A reason to smile, to reach out

Your fragrance teases me, tempts me
Pushes me beyond the edge
Heightens my senses, now sharp as ever
Ready for an epic battle

And as I see your golden body
Merge with the milky white
Making heart shapes on your surface
With a creamy texture

And the taste lingers on my tongue
Ever so slowly it grows
The bitter-sweet symphony
Playing with my taste buds

And your warmth overwhelms me
Intoxicates me, makes me want to live again
Makes me want to dream, to fight, to sing
To breathe

And I realize how much I love you
My morning cup of coffee,
What would I do without you?

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt – The Little Things

4 thoughts on “My morning cup”

  1. As I read your oem, I had a different picture in my mind …then coffee! lol….very good!

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