Getting started

One look was simply not enough; he had to look at her once more
For the beauty that sat at the other side, was one he’d never seen before

He didn’t know just how and when, he’d get another chance
He felt his young heart skip a beat, when he tried to sneak a glance

She looked along in his direction, and found his gaze collide
She felt a shiver through her body, a spark she couldn’t hide

She tried to speak; no words came out, she seemed to lose her voice
And in that moment passing by, their eyes had made a choice

This is how their journey began, light-headed and wholehearted
Their fleeting gaze so magical; their love’s just getting started.

He still looks at her that very way, though both of them are older
For he knows, that beauty lies, in the eyes of the beholder

His eyes are dim, his teeth are bare, and he’s weaker in the knees
And her hair so gray, so graceful, simply flying in the breeze

She knows that he’s the only man, who can love her most of all
And he knows he’s made the right choice, no more in love he could fall

They sit together quietly, not reminiscing the past
They know that there aren’t many days, left for them to last

And yet they sit there, engrossed, light-headed and wholehearted
Their fleeting gaze still magical; their love’s still getting started.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

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