I hold a glass, half-empty
With a heart half full –
A match made in heaven.

I sink my first one;
It burns over melting ice
Sparking my tongue tip
Leaving a halo of bitter sweetness

Adventurous; I pick up another
Guzzle it down like water
Attempt to drown emotion
In an alcoholic flood
Giving it time to let me feel
Light headed, open-minded
Like I need a hug

I try another one, slowly this time
As I drink with my eyes first
Then my mouth; enjoying the moment,
Savoring the taste,
Being one with its smooth body
As the liquid caresses my throat
Filling my heart with inner peace.

Like everything in the world
That looks so much more beautiful
Through my intoxicated eyes
As rules go out the window.

Okay, maybe all but one –
No spilling!

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

3 thoughts on “Drunk”

  1. Hehehe i am 13 i do not get drunk but this one will go out to that family-member that when she falls she still remembers the one rule no spilling.

    Thank you for the laugh,

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