Life and death

I’m here again in the company of
Wizened flowers, that form a deathly mosaic
Beautiful once, now a mere arrangement
Of wilted roses and shriveled lilacs

You chose to go to that better place
And left me here to my loneliness
Now I try clutch on to cherished memories
As I hold these in my hands again

I feel the hurt rise in my heart
The light, it dwindles slightly so
Maybe, just maybe, we still have hope
Or is it too late, I fear?

I feel my lips say no
But my cheeks, they reveal all my cards
Crimson, flushing oh so rosy
Reminiscing your touch on my skin

How do I turn back time?
I have words left unspoken, yet only seen
Through the mist of my breath
That fogs the window panes

But the haze lifts, the crystal clears
And these flowers lay lifeless in my arms
Maybe, I could revive their life
Through the gift of my tears.

© 2014 Mihir Kamat

Photo courtesy of colourbox.com.

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