The night is young and restless
As the candlelight glitters on her face
She’s all dressed up in black silk
With eyes that betray her frenzied search.
She wears an unlikely grimace
As her wine’s insipid, yet she sips on,
A mere ploy to kill time;
To fill a vacant void.

I name her, Serena;
Only because she looks so calm, and gentle
What makes me fall in love with this woman
I know nothing of?
I look upon her; try to catch her gaze
But fumble with her line of sight.

I fight with myself, my mind plays games;
How do tell her how I feel? For I don’t know
If I stand a chance against such raw beauty.
But how would I know? I say to my ego.
Not if I kept what I felt to myself.
So what if I tried, and failed?
I must be a man, and not the mouse;
Rather die a hero than live a coward

I tell myself, that
And some other nonsense
To pacify my lack of self-confidence.

I make up my mind;
Must take the plunge, let go of my safety net
Armed with some liquid courage
And crazy, wishful thinking.

© 2014 Mihir Kamat
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