The life we knew we could never live

The life we knew we could never live Is somewhere out there in the wait Asking for another chance It's time to go, walk through the gate There are hobbies waiting to be picked Or asses asking to be kicked A million jaws just to be dropped And bullets out there to be stopped The… Continue reading The life we knew we could never live


New beginnings

Clear blue skies, Opened eyes Hands in hands, Wedding bands Crowded spots, Quiet thoughts Open air, Stand and stare Splash of wine, Joy divine Spoken word, Emotion spurred Years end, Ears lent Humankind, A lot more kind. Time for new beginnings. © 2014 Mihir Kamat A very happy and prosperous 2015 to one and all!… Continue reading New beginnings


Listen to the silence

This post, originally written in 2007, feels closer than ever today. Have you experienced times when you ran out of words? Times when silence did most of the talking? Or Moments when your heart made all the decisions? Let me assist you in recalling... That moment when you passed your exams, especially when you knew… Continue reading Listen to the silence