My hero

I’m standing here in these dark woods
The rain lashes out and drenches me
Cold shivers run down my spine
And my feet are numb;
My mind is uneasy, my pulse racing
I can smell my own fear.

I beg that this pain ends;
The suffering stops
The emptiness goes away.
My heart craves for someone to rescue me
My savior, my hero.

I pray to all the gods I believe in
Clinging on to that thread of faith.
But the mind knows;
No one is coming.
Desperation gets the better of me
Like a dark serpent choking the life
Out of my lifeless body.
Soon the shoulders drop
The body slumps
It feels like it is all going to be over soon.

And then a sudden realization dawns upon me.
I realize I’m alive.
More alive than I ever was.
Still moving, breathing.

And then the heart feels warm
The rush of blood pumping through myriad veins
With the energy of courage.
The will to fight takes over.
The will to survive.
The seeds of my actions
Seem to rip apart the darkness
And bear fruit.

I survive.

And there have been many times since then
When I was on the verge of quitting
Or holding on for dear life.
I didn’t need anyone else.

For when I needed my savior,
I didn’t need to look far.

I was,
My hero.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

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