In a moment

In a moment
Feel your heart beat
As your pulse races
While you stand atop
The world so high
And look down
Upon creation.

Feel the moment
When the tears flow
There’s no stopping
Wild emotion when
The one thing
You loved the most
Is gone.

Every moment
He stands beside her
While her smell
Lingers on,
Somewhat like
A slice of heaven?

A quiet moment
Inner peace
So hard to find
In the raucous crowd
A single point
That makes us
Feel complete.

Right in that instant
A moment of sin
So hard to break
A promise well kept
All gone away
With a twisted smile,
In a wisp of smoke.

So many things
To learn in life
So easy, hard
And in between
But everything does
It all begins
In a moment.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Image courtesy of wallpaperswide.com

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