There’s always hope

He keeps a picture of his wife
Finding comfort in her eyes
Their marriage ended long ago
His friends kept saying, “I told you so”

But he laughs it off with a candid smile
‘Coz he still wants to reconcile
Even though he’s on a slippery slope
He’s hanging on because there’s still hope

The waitress at the coffee shop
She serves a hundred; daily, non-stop
But every day her mind still lingers
She only wants to be a singer

Her day will come, she tells herself
As she keeps the cups upon the shelf
She holds on tight to all her hope
Maybe greatness is still within her scope

The runner holds aloft his beer
A broken knee once ended his career
One day he was right at the top
He felt like he would never stop

But the crushing blow, much to his grief
Stole everything like a greedy thief
Yet his spirit still lies with the game
Finding comfort, all the same

Hope is naught but a silken thread
For one day you’re alive, and another dead
There may be good waiting in the wings
A golden day for better things

So don’t lose heart; don’t forget to breathe
There’s more to life than what lies beneath
And on days when it gets hard to cope
Don’t fret my dear, there’s always hope!

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Image copyright of Mihir Kamat.

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