Her quiet eyes still look on
Validation all they seek
Autumn’s gone; tomorrow beholds
More frigid, morose, wintry days

Those wizened hands are outstretched wide
Revealing tales of days gone by
Pausing; waiting for a moment
Craving blissful sanctity

Her face is crinkled; yet so elegant
And may be fifty years ago
A single wrinkle flashed her face
Smile adept at melting stone

But now the wrinkles pile on up
Adorn her aging, graceful visage
Each facial line an honest reminder
That outer beauty is always short-lived;

Her eyes, though, tell a different story
Speak volumes of inner allure
And wrinkles add to the shrouded charm
So wondrous, pleasing to the eyes.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Inspired by today’s prompt – Eye of the Beholder.
Image courtesy of Google.

2 thoughts on “Wrinkles”

  1. Well written Mihir. I love the photo, is it random or someone special to you? For a young person you have a wonderfully descriptive grasp of age. 🙂

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