The music plays on in the background
So gentle and serene, yet captivating
Both feet already catching the bug
Sway to the tune
Like a snake charmed by a haunting cadence.

Playful eyes tiptoe into the moonlight
Trying to catch another set
And arrest their attention.
The gaze wanders across the room
And rests until it finds
Another set of feet moving,
Dilly dallying alongside the beat.

The eyes like what they see,
Inspecting their owner.

Our gazes collide, delicately
As you shy away, but there’s no going back
For us both feel the connection
That the rhythm imposes on us

We try to pull out all the stops
And give in to this urge,
As we hold each others hand
A sea of humanity watches in delight
While our bodies sway to musical finality.

After all,
It takes two to tango.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Image courtesy desktopnexus.com.

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