You whisper in my ears so softly
And point towards my worthy foe
A rustic clock hung on the far wall
Telling me it’s time to go

I sit up straight and keenly watch
Your brilliant eyes look back at me
So innocent and full of charm
Your hand fits mine so perfectly

My skin warms up to your icy breath
As you tease me with your silken lips
And lay a wet one back on mine
While you brush my hair with your fingertips

The connection breaks; I open my eyes
To look back deep into yours
As I feel the bittersweet aftertaste of honey
So much, I can’t have enough of it

Some moments pass in quiet wonder
Of how beautiful you are to me
I sense a bout of mild trepidation
Taking over temporarily

As our fingers separate oh so slowly
I see you turn and walk away
And even though you have to go
My heart only wants you to stay.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Image courtesy of Google.

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