Silent graves seem left behind
Where flowers sit on dusty berths
Mere markers in the sands of time
Trying to prove all their worth

So quiet, the winds keep passing by
Right from the early, break of dawn
The hope that fills the heart alike
May not see the first light of morn

They once unleashed the dogs of war
Many years ago, men died in pain
The rivers they ran red with blood
And crimson skies bled through the rain

So much mistrust lay in their minds
And hatred deep within the heart
Maybe that’s why those towns are empty
And broken bridges, blown apart?

Who won the war? How do we know?
How do you prove who was just?
All it did was left behind
Breadcrumbs fallen in the dust

But maybe there’s a lesson here
They may not have all died in vain
For peace may just be a meager breadcrumb
Until we learn to love again

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Inspired by this week’s writing challenge.
Photo courtesy of judith.deviantart.com, modified by Mihir Kamat.

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