Where there was once time
To look into her eyes
And find my world
Hidden deep within them
I’m now left staring
Into four-inch screens
Trying to hold on
To a shred of a relationship.

Where there once was space
To hum along a melody
Or to find an old record
And relate to its sweetness
But all that remains
Are the screeches and squeals
Of the musically impaired.

Traveling through life
So dependent on gadgets
And gizmos and computer networks
That I hardly seem to talk these days
Or touch, feel, smile, and really communicate
Those small things that need communicating.

So desperately searching
For the brakes on this derailed engine
Hurtling down this path of insanity.

Maybe all that I need
Is a hand to hold,
Or the company of a friend
Maybe the loyalty of a pet
Or a gentle kiss

Maybe those are the things
I’d ponder upon
“What could I have done differently?”
When I’m old and actually plugged to a box
That is keeping me alive

Maybe it’s time someone pulls the plug.

© 2014 Mihir Kamat

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