My happy place

I wished for a place, my happy place
A place where I’d be myself
Where I’d be alone, yes all alone
My mind left to itself

My dream came true, and one fine day
I had my wonderful place
It feels like my cocoon, my bubble
Yes, my own happy space

I have a desk, a chair, a lamp
My books, some paper and a pen
A cup of coffee, pictures on the wall
To look at every now and then

Add to that, my comfy bed
A place to take my beauty nap
Where I’d be one with my dreams;
My fantasies I’d unwrap

The view outside is breathtaking
And the clear cool air feels nice
The peace and quiet make a perfect mix
Like a mix of sugar and spice

I love the fact that it has a lot of light
It keeps me thinking good
It simply keeps me happy all day
And brightens up my mood

And I love to be there all day long
Not a second left to waste
I thank my stars for letting me have
My own happy place

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt – Writing Room

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