Second chance

I lie here wide awake yet
I feel like I am dreaming
All I can hear outside are
Loud wails and excess screaming

I see death smiling in the corner
He’s waiting at my door
He says he’s here to take me home
To offer me much more

He says I lived a mediocre life
A life full of plans and caution
The life I lived was not worth much;
A life easily forgotten

He promises to take me to heaven
He appeals fervently to my heart
He offers me a brand new experience
He paints pictures of a fresh new start

But then I see all the faces around me
Loved ones gathered, saying their goodbyes
And while I was taking my last few breaths
I looked into their eyes

I made my decision; I wanted my old life back
I made a difference to all these people here
So what if I lived a mediocre life
I must have spread some cheer

This was my world; this was my heaven
This was where I was needed
My life may not be worth much
But it looks like I had succeeded

Death admitted defeat and walked away
He left me to my fate
I had just received the gift of life
With death walking out the gate

And with that I snapped out of
My stupor; my deathly trance
It was my time; my fresh new beginning
My second chance.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt – Karma Chameleon

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