The snowman

I A slight chill graces the air As the leaves of fall mingle and fly away Riding the mischievous wind. Showers of white slowly appear And the air is now wispy, cloudy As the sleet covers The previously grassy lawn In a blanket of sparkling frost. A little child, bedecked in wool And armed with… Continue reading The snowman



She glitters on, unfazed at the touch of human skin; as he mulls holding her with jittery fingertips. He wonders what a hole she would make in his pocket, yet considering she would be totally worth it. She looks around, scoffing at her peers; they can only stare back, green with envy for she carries… Continue reading Sparkle

Fiction / Short Stories

Sipping coffee

The first ray of morning sunlight creeps into the room through dusty window panes, fragmenting the light that it allows to pass. The floorboards are rickety, with the eerie creaks getting louder as a furry rodent scurries lightly across the hallway. The fresh smell of varnish on the oak sideboard heightens the senses, and plays… Continue reading Sipping coffee

Beyond the ordinary, Fiction / Short Stories

Beyond the ordinary (part six)

Catch the previous parts here. 6 Dr. Lawrence Obermeyer sat in his private study, lost in thought. It was a warm, Saturday morning, a perfect day to be outdoors. Yet somehow he couldn't get himself to go outside the house; the diffused light provided comfort. His wife and kids were away for the weekend; barbecue… Continue reading Beyond the ordinary (part six)