The plot of land

The welcoming earth lay vacant in the spring
Untouched, unkempt, with wild flowers blooming
With the sunset in the eve its beauty would peak
A dazzle of golden with bright orange streaks

A pool of water so silent and serene
A spectacular dimension to the surroundings so green
And a large oak tree right near the edge
Towering over the little shrubby hedge

The emptiness begged for fruition so much
A blank canvas it was seeking an artist’s touch
Like the surge of the sea the ideas were flowing
With every great thought the excitement growing

Would it play host to a home cozy and small
Or give children space to play with bat and ball
A perch for lovers to rekindle the fire
Or a place for old folks to relax and retire

But how could I take away the beauty that existed
Replace it with concrete; the idea seemed twisted
How do I steal it from under nature’s caring hand?
What was I to do with this plot of land?

The answer was clear, it began to make sense
It was so simple, nay just commonsense
A beautiful garden, the plot would remain
A place for nature to blossom again

The birds and the butterflies would flutter once again
The grass would look greener when bathed by the rain
With the cool summer breeze calling out as before
To see man and nature together once more.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt – A Plot of Earth

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