The scent of freedom

A thousand suns may have come and gone
A thousand moons so brightly shone
But the lone warrior stands tall and taut
Stronger than ever, its metal wrought

For eons it stood the test of time
A mute spectator beyond the line
With blood and sweat and tears withholding
It bore witness to the events unfolding

I stand here with my head held high
My heart swelling, my breath alive
I’m proud of the legacy they left behind
Iconic; truly one of a kind

It was here that our fathers from days of yore
Their blood was seed, a fruit time bore
The sweet and fleshy orb that grew
Was freedom; a spark; an idea anew

And they lay this flag to symbolize
That truth prevails over a bunch of lies
A gift of sorts for the coming generation
Still a unique reminder; some gentle inspiration

The flag flutters in grace to this very day
The winds of change are blowing this way
It gives me hope for the days to come
For the air is pregnant with the scent of freedom.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Inspired by this week’s writing challenge.

NOTE: I took this picture on top of Shay Palace, Leh, on my recent trip to Ladakh. Ladakh is extremely beautiful, picturesque, and one of the best places to visit in the summer.
Image copyright of Mihir Kamat.

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