Beware, O keepers of this fine state
The pot has begun to boil, its contents steaming
Waiting to overflow and consume everything in its path
Like a rabid volcano awaiting climax

These people, your people; the very same
That voted you in have now had quite enough
For when I stare long and hard into those quiet eyes
I see discontent seething in the cold abyss

Their eyes are filled with great expectations
And fabulous dreams; dreams of a better future
Than what their past has had to offer them
Each day their confidence in government shaken.

I sense fear in their demeanor;
Fear of not knowing what tomorrow holds
Fear of living each day as it comes and praying
That they can just make it through the long, dark night.

The days and nights alternate endlessly;
They come and they go like the soft touch
Of a light wind blowing, unable to make its presence felt
But still fueling a fire that burns brightly within

And as the mercury rises, the heat unbearable
A day will come when they would tear down the facade
Of your false promises, and expose your decayed core
Mocking you for your inability to provide for their simplest needs

I warn you, open your eyes now and smell the coffee
For the day is not far when the people, your people,
Would turn your scepter, your symbol of power
Into a mere piece of firewood, vulnerable to a naked flame

And from its ashes, like a phoenix will emerge
To spread its wings like never before;
A mind that is free and one that always will be

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Inspired by this week’s writing challenge.
Image courtesy of csmonitor.com.

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