Live like you mean it

Don’t cry over spilt milk
Or worry about what could have been
A missed opportunity is not the end of the world
Only a humble beginning of what’s in store
Have hunger to complete what you began
Nothing is ever a lost cause
‘Cause you believe in it
And are willing to fight for it.

Not everyone sees life in a single way
There will be naysayers and critics all around us
Mocking our every move, taunting our every breath
But learn to ignore them, to feed from them
And move on anyways; onwards to glory
To finish what you started
To bring to fruition what can and what will be
To fight for what is right
Because you live life only once.

So live like you mean it.
Live your life properly
Because when judgment day comes
And you queue up to meet your maker
When all time is standing still
And the gatekeeper has one question to ask you
Was your life worth it?
Then you have one, only one answer
You bellow at the top of your voice
“I can’t wait to do this again”.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

8 thoughts on “Live like you mean it”

  1. Reblogged this on Boost Your Confidence and with it Your Chances of Success and commented:
    There is only one life, and one time, and one place to live, and only one person to live the one life— YOU. Live all your life, waste it not, enjoy to the fullest, so much that when the end comes, you will miss the good life. But (yes, there is s ‘but’) remember to live responsibly for, at the right time, the Supreme Being is gonna want you to account for everything.

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