A place for two

This used to be a place for two
Where I’d sit and look into your deep blue eyes
And seem to lose track of all time

Where conversation had new meaning
We’d roam the depths of life together
Hand in hand, day by day
Where I’d hear your voice right next to me
And lay eyes upon your face
While watching your expression as you watched mine

Where I’d rest my eyes upon your wonderful smile
That curve that sets a lot of things straight
And melts my heart like a hot knife through butter

And where even silence had substance
Where our eyes did the talking
And ears could hear only the sound of soft breaths
And the occasional sigh of love

But where did it all change?
Where did it all go wrong?
For now I only see myself
Looking back at me, in the gleaming glass
On the face of my phone, waiting, wishing
If I’d only hear your voice once again
But instead I hear annoying beeps
Or pings, or dreary tones banal
Those keep me awake at night

The heart longs for human touch
But all it gets is steel, plastic and glass
And the waiting, the anticipation
That something will happen; might happen
The mind is hopeful
The heart filled with desire

And finally, it beeps! This lifeless contraption
Has finally come alive
You send me your picture; my hearts sings with joy
I know it’s just a picture, but it warms me inside
I finally see you; oh how long I have waited
To gaze again into those deep blue eyes
My eyes can’t get enough of you
Of your face, your radiant beauty
Until all I can see is my own reflection
As the back light dies
Just like the battery is about to.

We were supposed to be closer
With technology, connected at all times
Then why does it feel different; alone,
All alone in this place for two.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Inspired by this week’s writing challenge.

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