Listen to the silence

This post, originally written in 2007, feels closer than ever today.

Have you experienced times when you ran out of words? Times when silence did most of the talking? Or Moments when your heart made all the decisions?

Let me assist you in recalling…

That moment when you passed your exams, especially when you knew you were sure to fail in a subject or two. And you did much better than you had expected! When you sit alone in your room after the news sinks in, you get kind of numb, don’t you?

That moment when that girl or boy you have a crush on, smiles at you! You don’t say anything, just smile back! That smile means the world to you. Definitely the beginning of something special.

That moment when you’re parting with an old friend and the train has just started. All you do is wave goodbye and think about when you would meet again. The heart is heavy, but there’s the hope of seeing each other tomorrow.

That moment when you’d applied for a job and are told, “You are through! Congratulations!”

I can go on and on…

Have you thought about why we never say anything during such moments? It’s as if the words are simply understood. The feelings conveyed through our silence. Happiness, agony, frustration, excitement; everything seems crystal clear during these instants.

Can you imagine the importance of a silent moment in a song? When Bryan Adams stops for a while along with music, before he goes on in his husky voice… “Please forgive me… I can’t stop loving you!”

These moments of self-talk are the most important in our lives. Those promises, those decisions. These are the moments which define what we become in life. When was the last time you spoke to yourself? Silently? What does your heart say? Does it accept you for who you are? Or does it ask you to improve? Or ask of you not to give up on something? Or to give something your best shot?

Next time you go silent; listen carefully to what your heart is saying. Listen to its joy, listen to its pain. Listen to its fears; listen to its desires. Don’t make your heart shut up and go off to sleep.

And treasure your precious moments. Every time you do something, every time you are with your loved ones – be it friends, family or that special someone. However small the moment, if it’s special – go on, feel good about it!

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Feb 17, 2014 – And quite fits this weeks writing challenge.

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