Living in the shadows
Armed with past glories
Trying to seek the light of truth
But hiding from emptiness within
Yet all you can manage
As hard as you try
Is to clutch at nothingness;
Only a mirage in your hollow mind

You think the seeds of the future
Lay buried in the past
But that’s not true;
It is what you want it to be
Not what it has to be.

It’s no use
Thinking, reminiscing
It won’t bring back loved ones from the dead
It won’t ease the pain
And won’t get you back up on your feet

So wake up
Before it’s too late
The bus is about to leave you behind
Let go of what you think
Defines you
Because it does not.

Your past is just that; the past
It’s only an echo of good things gone by
A past that’s forgotten
Is best,
Because it doesn’t heal the wounds
Only delays the present.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Original image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

2 thoughts on “Echo”

  1. You are to words what the artist is to paint. Combining the inert colors/syllables into a living, breathing rendition of the truth which is all the more profoundly glorious (in this instance) for the fact that it is no mere rendition.

  2. Reblogged this on Iam Who Iam and commented:
    I was moved by the multiple truths so eloquently expressed in this poem from the Master of Disaster’s blog. The lines which spoke to me the loudest (and yet, the most intimately) were “hiding from the emptiness within” and “Let go of what you think defines you because it does not.” What about you???

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