Stuck in a rut

A lot of days just pass by
Put though the grind
They’re days of thoughtless actions
Without much heart or mind

How cheaply we seem to live our life
And some of us don’t even care
It’s funny how we just don’t have
The time to stand and stare

Some have never read a book
They say they’re just too busy
Some prefer to work on weekends
No time to savor a melody

We choose to spend our day to simply
Plan some more despair
When all we need are quiet times
To reflect and repair

Oh what I’d give to spend a day
To just laze around in bed
To release the million thoughts I have
Flowing in my head

Or look at some old photographs
Or just stay home and cook
Or spend time with a young loved one
Or unwind with a good book

Alas, I’m a prisoner of my own routine
My mind feels caged; closed shut
And like a zombie I live my life
Stuck in a rut

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

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