Finishing touch

I watch you brush your hair so gently
With one straight motion, from up to down
With every caress you tease my senses
As I look into your deep blue eyes

You twirl your fingers as you try to make up
Your mind above everything else
Why, that layer of rouge on your rosy cheeks
A radiant blossom on a winter night

You apply a swish of purple haze
With a glint of glitter on your skin
Together with the blackest black
Of your eyelashes; so perfectly thin

The reddest red of your lips so moist
Makes me feel like I want to kiss them
So tempting, playful, fascinating
A dazzling sight for wanting eyes

And as you add another finishing touch
Stroke by stroke; you fail to realize
That beauty’s not defined by what you just made up
But lies in the eyes of the beholder.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Photo credit wallsave.com, edited by Mihir Kamat

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