A book of faces

I decided to take the edge off of this week’s writing challenge and turn it into something fun – a piece of poetry. I personally feel Facebook is a great forum for people to connect and share what they think online. It’s definitely great to have a social network around that will let you do a lot of cool stuff and hang out with friends and family who are far away geographically. People can get carried away with what they post and there could be security hassles, but you can’t take away the fact that it helps bring people closer.

Enough of the serious stuff. Time to enjoy some poetry. I call it “A book of faces”.

A book of faces

I travel through this book of faces
A mix of time and many places
I come across a lovely smile
It makes me ponder for a while

That tickle of a funny joke
Or the childishness of a friendly poke
A birthday wish that warms the heart
Or hearty hope for a brand new start

Some witty puns, a clever status
A post from a friend after a long hiatus
A photo from a summer day
Or a note to mark a holiday

A movie reel; a song I like
Or an adventure video from your latest hike
A cup in hand; you feel like a winner
Or just showing off your chicken dinner!

Playing cards or throwing sheep
Or growing onions in your sleep
Laugh aloud to a brilliant gag
Or find yourself on a photo tag

You love or hate it; it’s all a choice
To me it’s where I find my voice
It may be a fad or a compelling obsession
To like or not to like; that is the question.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Inspired by this week’s mind the gap challenge. Image courtesy of Google.

3 thoughts on “A book of faces”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for deviating from the challenge (which both B-O-R-E-D and disappointed me) in a direction so much more interesting and fun. Maybe YOU should offer our next weekly challenge!

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