All my heart

I feel my heart beat for a while
Throbbing wildly in its bony cage
Vibrations resonating across my hands
Surely a sign that I’m still alive?

Well, it used to be more than that, before
My heart knew of pain and loneliness
But, t’was capable of emotions far superior
Fluttering with your every touch

You placed your palm upon my chest
And felt its rhythm; crests and troughs
For it would know safety once more
Only in the care of your arms

With every breath of air you’d take
My heart would quietly surge and swell
A gentle thump around my ribs
Your touch would make me feel this way

Alas! You went so far away…
Robbed it of its zeal to exist
It felt like dying everyday
For want of reason to stay alive

My heart’s the only thing I have
To let you know how much I care
And with every breath I’ll give my best
To love you with all my heart.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Image courtesy of HD Wallpapers.com

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