One Way Street

I wrote this song in my early days as a writer, I found this tucked under some old posts. I’ve redone some lines to my liking.

(verse one)

I’d been living in the past, trying to hide the pain
Holding on for dear life, crying in the rain
Life was a nightmare, I’d see wide awake
The loneliness and sorrow, was too much to take

Then you came along, became more than just a friend
I’d spend everyday, hoping the day would never end
And while we’d sit, we needn’t say a word
Your eyes were always begging to be heard


I’m going fast, so fast
Down this one way street
I hope to run into you
I hope you feel it too

And it feels just right
Me being here tonight
I’m falling head over heels
Head over heels, in love with you!

(verse two)

Would you show me some faith? What I have for you is deep
Make you mine forever, a promise I vow to keep
I finally found the reason, to turn my life around
My ship caught in the storm, has found solid ground

I wish to wake up to your lovely, radiant face
Lose myself in your charm, your cozy, sweet embrace
The more I have of you, the more I want everyday
You’ve become like a drug to me, I just can’t stay away

(repeat chorus)

Head over heels, in love with you!

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

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