In retrospect

The moment has passed
That one you’ve been
Waiting all your life;
Your moment of truth
Your chance to achieve greatness
Your shot at eternal glory
Or a final attempt to find yourself.

But the moment has passed.
You tried your best
But it wasn’t good enough;
Not what you expected
You’ve clearly missed your mark.
No glory
No greatness
No fame.
Another name bites the dust.

You try searching for a rewind button
To make it all go away
The pain
The madness
The ifs and buts
The could be’s and would be’s
But you can’t find it.
Your time is up,
The moment has passed.

Now all that’s left
Is the twilight of the past
And vivid memories
Stories of days gone by
Experiences to forget
Or simply learn from.

Here is your rewind button.

When in retrospect,
Choose wisely.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt – Retrospective

Image courtesy of iwallscreen.com

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