X marks the spot

A slight chill teases the air
Behind a veil of silken mist
Carelessly the trees they sway
Dancing in the velvet breeze
Each moment ticks away so fast
Faster than your eyes may blink
Gorgeous, sparkling in the fire’s glow. I wonder
How they look so beautiful, so pretty
In the meager light as I gaze upon them;
Just stare in amazement at your face,
Knowing not how I’d spend
Life without you. Not even another
Moment need pass by without you by my side.

Needless, my words are now as my heart is
Open, my eyes connected with yours. I try to
Place my index finger on your
Quivering lips; I know you
Realize what I’m about to do, as I
Show you this ring – I want to make you mine forever.

Trembling, I hold your hand
Unsure of how you would react as I ask
Very slowly, if you’d marry me; each syllable making me
Weak in the knees. I watch your lips closely, right there –
X marks the spot.

Yes! Validation at last as I see that beautiful smile
Zigzagging all over your face. One I love more than life itself.

I’m on cloud nine.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt – A-Z
Image courtesy of Google.

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