Growing up

Growing up is such a shame
Life feels like a cruel game
If it were up to me I’d make it stop

Each passing day just make me older
A little bitter and a little colder
And some days simply fly over the top!

So many meetings, calls and faxes
With paying bills and doing taxes
Oh how I wish I could take it slow

The fast life continues to grill me
It seems one day it might just kill me,
how and when, there is no way to know.

I wish that I was still a child
A little naughty, a little wild
Must be such a great feeling, I wonder,

Free to do and think, as I choose
With nothing to win and nothing to lose,
I could run and run and run some more like thunder!

Chocolate cake and sweet gum drops
Or gummy bears and lollipops
There’s nothing more that I’d like to feast on

Seems just like a distant dream
To start my day with ice cream
I’d stuff myself until everything is gone!

Spinning tops and racing cars
And Flying kites and counting stars
I’d ride my bike carefree along the street

I’d be making friends all day long
Or taking naps whenever I want
Now really, wouldn’t that be neat!

It’s time to stop my stupid story
I’m going crazy, I know, I’m sorry,
My ramblings must not have made much sense

I’m just a simple guy you know
Who lost something a while ago
And is looking to win back his innocence.

© 2013 Mihir Kamat

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