I have many names, faces, personalities
A mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter
I’m a lawyer, a teacher, a philosopher, a friend
A human being.

Yes, I am a human being
Just like anyone else
And I refuse to be treated
Like trash thrown on the street

Enough of lies
The truth needs to be heard
And it’s better out in the open
Than after when it’s too late.

Why should I cover up
What you think you don’t like
Or perceive as negative
Just because someone else thinks so?

Sure, it won’t go down well
I will turn a few heads
And make a few enemies
But I will be right.

I’m not going to change
My ways because
They make me unpopular
Or they are unpleasant
To the blinded eyes
Of centuries of tradition
Or boundaries of faith
that border on fear
I’m not going to act
In a certain way
Because society “frowns” upon it

Why are you so afraid
To wake up and smell the coffee?
Why should I change?
Why should I
Let go of what makes me happy,
Or gives me a sense of contentment?
Just because it doesn’t fit in
Your narrow frame of mind?

I cannot, will not
Change what I am
For this is what makes me


© 2013 Mihir Kamat

Image courtesy of goodfon.com .

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